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  • General knowledge of home fire safety


    Family life cannot do without fire, and safe use of fire can bring warmth and happiness to people's lives; Improper use of fire can bring harm and disaster to people's lives. Therefore, residents should master fire prevention and fire safety knowledge. Fire accident prevention: 1. Develop good living habits and avoid littering unextinguishable cigarette butts and other flames; Do not smoke in bed or on the sofa after drinking, fatigue, or before going to bed. 2. Before going out and going to bed, electrical appliances and gas stoves should be turned off, and the source of ignition should be extinguished. 3. When lighting a fire for warmth and using mosquito repellent incense in summer, attention should be paid to fire prevention. 4. During festivals, fireworks and firecrackers should be set off safely according to regulations, and children should not be allowed to set off fireworks and firecrackers at will; Also, do not let children play with fire. 5. It is not allowed to have a picnic

  • How to Escape in the Event of a Fire_ Fire escape and self rescue methods


    Once a fire breaks out, surrounded by thick smoke, toxic gas, and flames, many people die in the sea of fire, while others narrowly escape. So, how should one escape from a fire? What are some fire escape and self rescue methods? Method for self rescue in case of fire: 1. If the clothes on the body cause a fire due to static electricity or careless smoking, they should be quickly removed or torn off, or rolled over on the ground to extinguish the fire, but be careful not to roll too fast. Be sure not to run in burning clothes. If there is water, it can be quickly watered out, but when the human body is burned, it must not be watered to prevent infection. 2. If the dormitory, classroom, laboratory, hotel, restaurant, bathtub, *, etc. catch fire, the following methods can be used to escape: (1) Towel, handkerchief, nose and mouth protection method due to the high temperature and toxicity of smoke in the fire site

  • Fire protection knowledge


    1. What is a fire? Any disaster caused by uncontrolled combustion in time and space is considered a fire. 2. How can I call fire alarm number 119? When using the phone to call the police, it is important to remain calm and dial the "119" fire alarm number correctly. After connecting, you should first inquire whether it is the fire brigade and obtain a positive answer before calling the police. When reporting to the police, the police should grasp three steps: (1) Clarify the unit causing the fire and its street, road, and door number. (2) Clarify the location of the fire, the materials on fire, the size of the fire, and whether anyone is trapped. (3) It is necessary to clearly state the name of the person who reported the incident and the phone number used, so that the fire brigade can check the situation at any time. When calling the police, pay attention to the inquiries of the fire brigade and answer them correctly and concisely; Wait until the other party clearly indicates that the

  • Usage of various common fire extinguishers


    Fire extinguishers are used to extinguish fires. Learning and becoming familiar with the use of various common fire extinguishers can help us solve problems with ease in the face of sudden fire accidents. The following are the usage methods of various common fire extinguishers for reference. 1: Lift type dry powder fire extinguisher: Lift the fire extinguisher upside down twice to the fire extinguishing site, remove the safety plug, hold the nozzle with one hand and aim it at the root of the flame, and press the pressure handle with the other hand. When extinguishing a fire, it should be disposed of at once; When using outdoors, one should stand at the upper air vent of the fire source, sweep from near to far, move forward, and prevent flames from flowing back. 2: Foam extinguisher: the extinguishing liquid of foam extinguisher is composed of Aluminium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate and liquorice essence. When putting out a fire, put the foam extinguisher upside down, and the foam can be

  • Nine Tips for Escaping from a Fire


    *Key: Do not enter dangerous areas and do not covet property. Life is the most important thing, don't waste your precious escape time on dressing or finding or taking away valuable items just because you are shy and concerned about them. The second tip: Simple protection is indispensable. At home, in the company, and at the restaurant, smoke masks should be available. The simplest method is to cover the nose with a towel or mask, pour water on the body, and crawl forward. Because smoke is lighter than air and floats above, escaping close to the ground is a way to avoid smoke inhalation. The third trick: Slowly descend and escape, slide rope for self rescue. Never jump blindly from a building. You can use evacuation stairs, balconies, downspouts, and other means of escape and self rescue. You can also use ropes, bed sheets, curtains, and clothes around you to make a simple lifeline, and wet it with water. Tie it tightly to fixed objects such as window frames, heating pipes, and iron rai

  • Installing a camera at home may actually result in surveillance? Try to choose well-known brands when purchasing


    Citizens often purchase smart cameras for monitoring the elderly and children, as well as anti-theft measures. The reporter learned that currently, smart cameras are mostly installed in living rooms, kitchens, or doorways, with the vast majority being used to check the safety of the elderly and children at home. Especially after the "wolf nanny" incident, many citizens will buy surveillance nannies to see if they will abuse children and elderly people. Some citizens purchase smart cameras to prevent theft or check the condition of their pets at home. Ms. Sun, a citizen, said that both of them are office workers, and only their mother-in-law is at home to take care of the child. However, as the elderly get older and their legs are not very flexible, installing a camera at home gives them a lot of peace of mind. If there is an unexpected situation for the child or elderly person, they can quickly detect it and rush back. In addition, due to the camera's ability to transmit audio, the cou

  • What are the dense surveillance cameras above some roads used for?


    Firstly, let's talk about government investment in installation. The management of video surveillance systems varies from city to city, and even from district to county... Generally speaking, some developed regions will develop smart city projects where all government installed cameras are connected to the internet and managed by designated departments, such as the Economic and Information Bureau, and other departments have access. Of course, there are many things that need to be integrated and planned, and the vast majority of cities should not have the economic strength or sufficient technological capabilities to do so... The general situation is that the government investment is responsible for whoever builds it. There are three main types of construction units invested by the government that I have seen. One is the comprehensive management department (full name is the comprehensive management of social security), the other is the police department (including police, traffic police,

  • Both eyes can measure distance and establish a three-dimensional environment. Can dual cameras be used?


    The answer is yes! This aspect has always been a research hotspot in computer vision and has achieved good results! In my graduate stage, I mainly do Iterative reconstruction and simply write something I know. Firstly, the difference between 3D and 2D is easy for everyone to understand. 2D only has two axes, x and y. For example, in a sketch, our overall feeling is "flat", while 3D has an additional z-axis dimension. The intuitive understanding of this z-axis is the distance between a point and us, which is also known as "depth". Let's take a look at our human eyes again. The human eye is a typical binocular system. You can do a small experiment: close one eye, hold a pen in each hand, and try to make the pen tips touch each other. Haha, do you have a feeling of doubt about life? We can use our left and right eyes to look at the same object separately

  • How to check if it is being monitored by hidden cameras and other devices?


    Any camera needs to capture visible light in order to image, so the first thing to do is the lens. All lenses can reflect light well, and the reflected light is very distinctive* Even if the environment is white light, the reflection will still be colorful (glass has different refractive indices for light of different colors). Secondly, the lens is a convex lens, and the reflection point is much smaller than the incident light. This can be an important means of finding cameras. The specific search method is also very simple, which is to hold a flashlight and take a photo of each small hole that looks like a hidden camera, and then observe the reflected light* The practice is to point a flashlight at the front camera of a laptop or mobile phone, and shake the flashlight back and forth. If you see a small speck of colored reflection, and shake the flashlight


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